Earn money by joining Ticket2.com affiliate program!

Does your website enjoy a lot of visitors interested in sports, music or travel? If so a partnership with Ticket2 might be an option for you. The more visitors you’re able to bring us, the more you’ll increase your income.

Ticket2.com is an internet-based marketplace for event ticket exchange. We host a significant number of ticket sales for the football leagues in England, Spain and Italy as well as sales for various music events featuring international artists.

When you join our affiliate program we pay you according to the sales you bring us through banners or text links placed on your website. Usually your cut is 15% of our earnings of the purchased tickets, which, considering the average sale will amount to approximately 13 and upwards to 100 euros.

Please note that you’ll receive payments only for completed sales. This applies to all visitors you refer to us within 45 days after first visiting your site. At the moment only registered companies are eligible for the Ticket2 affiliate program.

For more information about the Ticket2 affiliates program, please contact our customer service at info@ticket2.com

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