It's easy and safe to buy tickets at - we'll guide you through every step! is a market place where you can buy tickets to almost any football game, concert or other sports event. Our registered sellers can often offer you tickets to already sold-out events like the most popular concerts. They will also find you the hard-to-get tickets to Premier League to a competetive price.

Ticket prices & seating

At the sellers compete to offer you the lowest possible prices for your tickets. Therefore there is no need for bargaining When you buy tickets at our market place - just pick the ones you like and you'll always get the best value for yout money.

The sellers can offer you up to three seats together. Parties of four or more might be separated into smaller groups of two or three persons. Single seats can be arranged upon request. Detailed information about the seating arrangement will be available only after ticket delivery.

Buying tickets

Buying tickets at is simple. First you choose the event and the category for your tickets and the number of tickets. Then just click "Buy" and fill in your details and choose payment option. The seller will be notified directly after your ticket purchase. All sales are final.

Check your mail for information

After your ticket purchase you'll receive two important automatic e-mail messages. In the first mail we inform you that we have received your payment. Shortly after you'll receive an order confirmation. this mail will contain all the necessary information about the ticket delivery so read it carefully and reply to us with your delivery details for the tickets. Concert tickets are most often mailed to your home adress while football tickets are delivered to your hotel on site.

Important information about your tickets

Remember that it is your responsibility to find out all relevant information about the delivery of your tickets and send us the delivery details in due time.

Are you going to see a football match? All Premier League, La Liga and Serie A fixtures are subject to change. Therefore it is important that you keep an eye on the official website of the home team for eventual fixture changes. All information about the matches and fixtures published on website are preliminary and subject to change.

Buy safety

Safety and reliability are important aspects of the Ticket2 market place. To earn your trust We only work with registered and approved ticket brokers. In a sense, is like a bank - you deposit your money in our account and we pay the seller only after your have been delivered.