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Manchester United FC was founded 1878 and is the club with most success in English football history. Manchester United has a total of 19 league titles, a record och 11 FA cup trophies and four time Carling cup winners. The club has won the UEFA Champions League three times, only Liverpool FC has won that tournament more times. Manchester United is one of the wealthiest clubs in England and has around 75 million fans around the world. Manchester United is associated with the colors red and white. Manchester United three mayor rivals are Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester City. The rivalry against Liverpool is rooted far back in the Industrial Revolution. Since Manchester was known for its textile production and Liverpool was known for its large harbor the combating came naturally. The rivalry with Leeds goes back to a series of civil wars for the throne of England and was called "Wars of the Roses" between Lancashire (Manchester United) and Yorkshire (Leeds). The trademark Manchester United is valued to a total of 329 million pound. Manchester United comes from Old Trafford in the Greater Manchester area and you can get your tickets to the games here. Their home stadium is also named Old Trafford and can fill up to 76 000 spectators. The club recently named a whole stand after their current manager Sir Alex Ferguson to honor his astonishing accomplishments at the club. Get your tickets to Manchester United’s matches here at Ticket2!


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