Buying tickets at Ticket2 is both practical and safe. It is no obligation of membership, and normally your tickets will be delivered to your hotel or as e-tickets. For some events, especially sports abroad, there can be special conditions regarding the delivery of your tickets. 

Buyers Handbook contains information for those who want buy or already bought tickets through Ticket2 and wondering something about how Ticket2 acts or conditions applicable .

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Note that Ticket2 not retailers Tickets for the event organizers . All tickets sold through Ticket2 comes from sellers who for some reason have tickets that they do not themselves can use. Prices may vary and often differs from the price of tickets had at the box office and printed on them.

At Ticket2 should trade be as simple and anonymous as possible. There are therefore no opportunity to ask questions about tickets to the seller, give him a different bid than the requested or otherwise negotiate with the seller.

Buy Tickets

When you buy tickets through Ticket2 buy them legally directly from the seller. The purchase agreement is concluded , therefore with the uploader tickets for sale, and Ticket2 is not a party to the purchase agreement.

You can purchase tickets either by card or by invoice. If paying by card or direct payment must purchase consideration payable in connection with the You confirm that you wish to purchase tickets through Ticket2 . The invoice must pay the invoice with the purchase price within 5 - 30 days according Ticket2s instructions.

Note that you as a buyer is bound to purchase the seller's tickets after you have confirmed that you wish to purchase tickets at Ticket2 .

If your purchase for any reason can not be completed regains the buyer the amount paid.

If card payments

All payments to Ticket2 in connection with ticket goes through Debitech , a payment company owned by SEB. Payment is made through a separate window in your browser , and Ticket2 never take part of your card details.

Ticket Delivery

  • All tickets are sent by registered mail or courier. Some tickets can also be sent as e-tickets, but it depends on the event. As some tickets can be delivered as e-tickets, you need to have a smartphone and an email address that is working.      
  • You must pick up the shipment within two (2 ) days.   
  • If you have any objection to the tickets you need to inform Ticket2 within 24 hours.   
  • Seller receives the purchase price after your time complaining about the tickets expired.   
  • Tickets to events abroad are usually delivered to the front desk of your hotel the day before the match, or in advance of game day. It may also happen that the tickets Buda to the seller's delivery in the locality of the event where the buyer can pick up tickets at the earliest in the day before the event. 

    Event tickets are valuable documents and for safety sent all Tickets traded on Ticket2 by registered post or courier from the seller to buyers .

    Seller will report the letter's package ID number to Ticket2 , so that the item can be tracked on its way to you. NOTE ! For some events , such as foreign football, printed and distributed tickets just days before the match. In these cases, instead of tickets delivered directly to the front desk of your hotel or to the seller's delivery in the locality of the event. So you have to report your hotel address and expected arrival time to us at Ticket2 when you booked your trip if requested in order confirmation. Subject supplies in the locality of the event is considered as destined for particular tickets to the buyer's possession after delivery has been signed by either the buyer or the hotel representative.

    When the tickets arrived at your post office or rural carriers you must download them within two (2 ) days. If you believe that there is something wrong tickets must report it to us at Ticket2 within 24 hours from the time you received the tickets in your possession.

    Seller are reimbursed for the tickets after you have approved them , or after your time complaining about the tickets expired.

    Checking tickets

    As a buyer you need before you buy tickets at Ticket2 make sure to publicly available information shows that the ticket for the current event is not unreasonable for the conditions the seller offers . If an event for example has been set , it is no longer reasonable to make a purchase of tickets .

    When you pick up tickets purchased item , you must inspect tickets and make sure that they are genuine, as far as possible. If you suspect that your tickets are fake , contact Ticket2 . After you have collected the item you have one day (24 hours) in which to communicate Ticket2 before the seller receives the purchase price paid out . The same applies to tickets that have been delivered to your hotel / accommodation in the locality of the event abroad but then you have one week (7 days) for you to communicate Ticket2 .

    Skilled forgeries can be difficult to detect. What is true about tickets turns out to be false later on, see Action on fraud.

    If the event is canceled

    Ticket2 not represent the event organizers , and is not responsible for the quality , availability or construction of the events for which tickets are offered for sale on Ticket2 .

    If you purchased tickets for an event by event and Ticket2 later canceled, you are entitled to compensation from the event organizer under the conditions of this picture. The payment you can expect if Event organizer redeem tickets issued corresponds to mostly the ticket original price .

    Note that some events, such as football matches abroad , sometimes move forward and backward in time by the organizers. Ticket2 is not responsible for any problems this may cause the buyer and this is not due to to unilaterally cancel the purchase . All information about the day and time of the events listed on Ticket2s website is preliminary and may be subject to change. Official information about the date , time and place of the event obtained by the event organizer / football clubs.

    Measures against fraud

    If the ticket is found to be false either at arrival to the buyer or the first in the entrance to the event in question seller violated both the Ticket2s User Agreement, and in addition, you as the seller has been subjected to an offense under Swedish criminal law. The same may apply if the places tickets are not described correctly , and this does not come by tickets themselves.

    Ticket2 saves information about the sellers who sell through Ticket2 and on the purchases made on Ticket2 , and therefore can investigate the circumstances surrounding the purchase in question. Ticket2 takes violations of the User Agreement very seriously, and may take measures (sanctions) thereunder. Legal action may also be taken when attempted fraud.


    Ticket2 charge a service fee of 10% ( including VAT ) of the purchase price When you buy tickets through Ticket2 , this is included in the price shown on the page , which means that there were no additional fees. If you buy on the invoice will be the 5 % on the price displayed on the page .

    No membership fees are applicable.

    Information about you as a buyer

    For security document Ticket2 all purchases through the company's services . Information about you as a buyer submitted in connection with the purchase may be stored in two (2) years in Ticket2s archives. Your information will not be shared with other companies.