1. About this Agreement

Ticket2 operated by T2 Ticket Market AB (" Ticket2 ", " We " ) provides a online marketplace where users who want to buy tickets ( "Buyer" ) and Users who want to sell tickets ( " Sellers " ) to meet and act with event tickets ("Service" ) . This service allows Ticket2 never included contract to buy or sell tickets , but all trade occurs between Buyer and Sellers . Ticket2s role is limited to addressing the tender Seller For as commercial .

The documents Buyer handbook and GDPR are a parts of this agreement.

Note that the Consumer does not apply to tickets without Sale of Goods Act regulates the purchase of tickets . In practice , this means that you have not guarantee or return policy.

You must be 18 years old to buy or sell tickets through Ticket2 .

2. Membership

In order to sell tickets through the service requires that users sign up ( becoming a "Member" ) . By registering as a Member, the user accepts this Agreement.

To be granted membership requires user approved by Ticket2 . As part of Ticket2s processing of an application for the credit and personal information . Ticket2 reserves the right to cancel already approved Members membership.

Members can manage their ticketing within the Service by logging in with their username and password. User is responsible for the username and password are handled in a secure manner.

Member may at any time terminate its membership , and the ability to sell additional tickets through the Service then disappears . Already commenced sales ( where Buyers signed contracts through the Service ) must also be implemented in full before member deregistered.

Unless otherwise agreed by the membership until further notice.

3. Listing of tickets for sale

A Member may offer tickets for sale to the public through the Service. Ticket2 does not charge any fee of Members to register tickets for sale . For users whose membership has not yet been approved , registered tickets are not seen or purchased by other users. All ticket sales are made at Seller's fixed price , which can amended by the Seller no cost.

Registration of tickets for sale involves a civilly binding offer under this Agreement. If the buyer makes a bid for tickets offered through the Service has been the Member bound by this User Agreement. Members are therefore required to deliver the tickets in time for purchase under this Agreement. CONTRACT OF SALE between Buyer and Seller entered into only after the member has confirmed the purchase.

If no buyer can pass the tender Member withdraw the ticket offer ( deregister tickets ) .

4. Buy ticket

A Buyers can without registering as a member complete a request for purchase of tickets Sellers offered to sales through the Service. When the acquisition is started (i.e. Buyer confirms bid on seller tickets) Buyer pays into the price agreed to Ticket2 . Buyers can also billed the agreed the price and must be paid within 5-30 days according to the instructions on the invoice sent out . Ticket2 reserve the right to reject any purchase whatsoever.

To purchase agreement should be said to have been concluded between the Buyer and the Seller is required to seller confirmation bid.  If the purchase is not capable of running as planned due that the Seller can not confirm the sale , regains Buyer the full purchase price and the fees paid to Ticket2 .

Buyer is responsible for checking current information on the event tickets are valid , eg the event has not already been set, and refrain from commencing a purchase in that case the seller offer is no longer reasonable.

It is the buyer's responsibility to notify the correct shipping information as Ticket2s instructions and ensure that the hotel can receive ticket delivery. Ticket2 not responsible for any failure or delay in delivery due to inadequate delivery details .

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The tickets that buyer intends to purchase may in rare cases be replaced by other equivalent or better tickets .

5. Completion of the purchase

The buyer initiates the purchase by tender for a ticket item delivered . Depending on the payment method Buyer may also have to pay the entire purchase price , and all shipping and sales charges in connection with the tender submitted.

After the buyer initiates a purchase through the Service notified the Seller that a tender for the offered tickets received. The seller must then , within 48 hours or two working days confirm that the tickets are available and will be sent to the Buyer pursuant to the tender. Note that the Seller under this Agreement, then this is bound to deliver the tickets, and that there is a breach of this Agreement will not do this.

Seller then normally has another 24 hours to send the tickets. Currently Ticket2 only approve shipments by post, registered post or courier. Some tickets can also be sent as e-tickets, which means that you need to have a smartphone and a working email address. The seller must follow Ticket2s instructions with regard to the way in which the shipment is sent.

Please note that tickets can sometimes be delivered later than within the timeframes specified above. Tickets will be delivered to the Buyer in good time before the event, unless other circumstances prevent this, such as the order occurred shortly before the event in question.

For some ticket types are special rules . E.g. delivered foreign football tickets shortly before the match and then to an address in the locality of the event. In these cases, is of course no requirement that the seller must deliver the tickets within the normal time span .

If the tickets sent to the Buyer and the Buyer has not complained of tickets in the current period is considered purchase completed and the Seller receives its compensation from Ticket2 .

If the tickets would not meet expectations may purchase advertising in accordance with the rules specified in Köparhandboken . The purchase can then be canceled and buyer recover the purchase price. If criminal intent may be suspected from the Buyer or Seller side , legal action may be taken.

6. Your relationship with us

Member grants in connection with the tickets registered for sale Ticket2 right to use information about the tickets for commercial purposes without compensation than that which would occur when The buyer initiates a purchase of tickets .

Ticket2 is never a party to the bargain, but all sales are made directly between the Buyer and Seller . Ticket2 is not responsible for tickets that are registered for sale will actually be sold. Ticket2 no event be responsible for any damages or loss arising from use of the Service, and in case of disputes between Buyers and Sellers can Ticket2 not be liable for either party damage or loss.

In order to use the service must Buyer and Seller have access to a valid email address . Ticket2 send all messages to users via email . Ticket2 not responsible for any problems that may arise due to any undelivered e-mails caused by 's spam filters or other similar IT security .

Usage Ticket2s services do not imply that any employment relationship arises between Ticket2 and Sellers . Ticket2 has under no circumstances any employer responsibility for Sellers .

7. Illegal activities

Ticket2 prohibits the sale of stolen or counterfeit tickets through the Service. Both attempts to sales and actually completed sales in breach of Swedish criminal law. Legal action can be taken.

Ticket2 prohibits other information or material than the actual tickets , such as advertising; sent from the Seller to the Buyer .

The seller is bound to deliver the tickets being offered for sale . Inability or unwillingness to deliver the tickets when buyers start buying may lead to sanctions from Ticket2s page . See Säljarhandboken .

8. If we suspect that you violated the rules

Where Ticket2 suspect that either party in a purchase infringer is both Buyer and Seller is obliged to cooperate with Ticket2s investigation.

It is Ticket2 free to take appropriate action , including but not limited to removing listings , send alerts, and terminate your membership if Ticket2 has reason to suspect that you acted in violation of the User Agreement or inappropriate conduct . Payments to vendors for sale that occurred through the Service may be suspended during inquiry into Ticket2 has reason to suspect illegal or other serious acts committed.

Ticket2 may report suspected illegal activities to the police , other authorities and other appropriate organizations.


If the seller does not deliver the tickets advertised for sale, and a buyer bought by Service can Ticket2 billing vendor an administrative fee for the canceled sale of up to $ 500 per ticket .

If the seller got in debt to Ticket2 such by an interrupted purchase, deceptive acts or like can Ticket2 invoice seller a corresponding amount plus an administrative fee .

9. Responsibilities

As a buyer or seller , you are required to properly describe tickets and other information. You must also keep Ticket2 harmless against others' claims against you.

Ticket2 strives to keep the service available continuously , but have no obligation to Buyers , Sellers or any other service provided to keep certain time or a certain response . Ticket2 has no further obligation to list the member wishes to sell tickets or to ensure that Recorded tickets actually sold , without regard to the time remaining to the event tickets are valid .

10. Rights

Ticket2 own all rights to the information provided and generated by the Service, including information about the Member's tickets registered for sale .

Ticket2 may transfer all or part of its rights and obligations to Buyers and Sellers to third parties. Buyer and Seller may not assign its rights or obligations to Ticket2 to any other party.

The Personal Data Act (PUL) is applicable to a portion of Ticket2s business. See further below PUL for how Ticket2 handle personal information .

11. Modification of Conditions

The terms of this User Agreement may be amended by Ticket2 unilaterally in the future. Changes in terms and conditions come into effect two weeks after the new terms first published on company website. Members who can not accept the new terms must cancel their membership to not be bound by the new terms.

12. Disputes and applicable law

This agreement shall be interpreted by Swedish law. In case of dispute regarding the validity, applicability , interpretation or application refers to the Stockholm District Court .